System Administration

Empty reply from server – Nginx, PHP, CURL

Recently we setup a sandbox server for one of our APIs. You know, it’s always a good idea to have customers play with a sandbox rather than with a production system. The setup went smoothly and the API did pass all the tests. However, one of our customers complained that when they were accessing the API via PHP they were getting “Empty reply from server”. The Problem – Empty Response What the heck, we thought and tried to replicate the problem.

How to Setup Comodo SSL Certificate on Nginx

There was a time when nobody cared about SSL. Nowadays it is vital that your website is SSL-enabled. Latest versions of browsers mark websites without SSL as insecure. Moreover, Google search gives a little bit higher priority to websites with SSL. Honestly, it’s sort of lame if you run a website and do not provide SSL. Gone are those days where SSL was expensive. You can get an entry-level SSL certificate for as low as $8 to $12 (depending on the vendor and seller) per year.