I'm a full-stack developer that can work both on front-end and back-end. I am familiar with many popular frameworks and libraries. I also have experience with robotics, IoT and electronics projects.

Back-end Technologies

Programming Languages: Go, C#, C/C++, Dart, Solidity, Java, Javascript, PHP, Python.

Platforms and Frameworks: Node.js, .NET, PHP.

Database Systems: PostgeSQL, MS SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, ArangoDB, BoltDB, Redis.

Front-end Technologies

Programming Languages: Javascript, Typescript, Dart, Java.

Javascript Frameworks: Vue.js and Angular JS.

CSS Frameworks: Bulma CSS, Bootstrap, Spectre CSS, Framework 7, Quasar, UIKit.

Mobile Development: Native for Android and iOS, Cordova, Flutter.


Smart Contract Platforms: Ethereum, EOS, NEO, Stratis, Lisk, ARK, Qtum.

System Administration & Cloud Technologies

Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, FreeBSD.

Web Servers: Nginx, Apache, IIS.

Other: setup of mail servers, email deliverability analysis and improvement.

Cloud: Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure.

Robotics, Artificial Intelligence & IoT

Programming Languages and Systems: Processing, Scheme, Go, Python, C, Lua.

Artificial Intelligence: NLP, Conversational AI

Robotics, IoT, Electronics: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, various microcontrollers.