On this page I list some of the projects that I have worked on for various customers and partners. There are some projects that are covered by NDA and I cannot disclose. And there are also projects that are no longer active but I have worked on them successfully throughout my 20 year career.


Presults is on a mission to reduce employee negligence that leads to significant loss​. Presults helps companies automate the process of monitoring outgoing emails, by analyzing each email - before it's sent - for breach of policy, data leaks, tone detection, and more. Presult customer base spans industries like financial advisers, real estate, and professional services.

Enterprise security. Artificial intelligence. NLP.

Preferendum (Transfer Telecomunicaciones S.A)

Preferendum by Transfer Telecomunicaciones S.A is a tool that puts a platform at the service of the community to debate, comment and vote on different subjects of current interest. In other words, Preferendum is an online referendum platform powered by Blockchain.

Blockchain, Ethereum, Smart sontracts, Solidity.

Actamos Cybersecurity

Bulletproof and total email security for small to medium size businesses. Actamos protects business email from phishing, ransomware, virus & other cyber attacks and security threats.

Email security. Computational Heuristic Intelligence.


Snowden-Coin by TCU-AG — a German based stock listed technology company aims to create revolutionary file sharing system. The platform will offer a secure platform for people to share files and get paid for it. I was part of the team at SigloTech that did audit of Snowden-Coin smart contracts.

Blockchain, Ethereum, Smart sontracts, Solidity.


An Innovative BlockChain Music Platform and Artist Token Exchange connecting passionate music artists and fans. The Zimrii platform empowers musicians to develop and sustain their careers on their terms while providing innovative mechanisms to grow their global brand. I was part of the team at SigloTech that did audit of Zimrii smart contracts.

Blockchain, Ethereum, Smart sontracts, Solidity.

Skyz Ltd.

Skyz Ltd is an innovative startup in Georgia (country of) that brings smart elevator system to the market. The smart elevator system allows people to use elevators in residential areas by plastic cards and RFID chips.

Full-stack development (backend, front-end, API) coupled with electronic device architecture and creation.

XSpace Ltd.

XSpace Ltd is a startup in Georgia (country of) that is launching an innovative mobile app connecting consumers with various service providers such as car wash, car service, shops, cafes, etc. With the XSpace app consumers can explore service providers, view their services and special offerings, make appointments and manage them. XSpace is an app that combines e-commerce and social media in a cool package.

Backend and mobile app development.


BetMaximum is an innovative online gambling company.

Backend, API, integrations.