3 Dangers Business Owners Ignore Until It's Too Late

3 Dangers Business Owners Ignore Until It’s Too Late Risk management can sometimes become an afterthought when you’re trying to improve your business. It involves a little more attention to detail and time for sorting out the good practices from the bad. However, when you do decide to look over every element of your company - from marketing to suppliers to employees - it’s essential to notice some red flags that may urgently require fixing.

How to Use a CRM as a Growth Strategy for Your Business

A CRM is like any other business tool where it is only as effective as how it is used. When used properly, a CRM can help each of your sales team members increase their sales by 40%. Unfortunately, nearly half of all businesses that implement a new CRM solution do not use it to its full potential and lose out on a substantial amount of potential revenue. There are a few things you should learn that can help you use CRM as part of a growth strategy.

How Can a CRM Boost Your Sales?

A customer relationship management (CRM) tool can become the most invaluable tool you can add to your business. The right CRM can help you close deals, boost sales margins, and help you enhance the accuracy of your forecasts. You can track how well your sales team did on a month by month or quarterly basis and find out what tactics worked and what didn’t. A CRM is more than just a database with records of your clients and leads, it can boost your sales and generate more revenue through multiple easy to use features.

The Rise of CRM and How It Has Shaped Business

I gave you a brief overview of the history of CRM in another article. This time we will explain the rise of CRM and what it means as businesses shift gears from transactional to relationship marketing as well as the utilization of technology to help manage and maximize the value of information. CRM has revolutionized the way businesses communicate with their customers and leads since its early inception in the 1970s.

A Brief History of CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software was not always the smooth flowing software it is today. CRM has emerged out of bits and pieces of other software apps over the past few decades. One could say CRM originated the first time someone kept a Rolodex or notepad to track leads and customers. In the days before CRM software, salesmen and women worked hard to entertain leads and cold calls as well as presenting new products and services to existing customers.