Asset Tokenization on Blockchain Explained in Plain English

Asset tokenization on Blockchain is a steady trend of 2018. It seems that everything is being tokenized on Blockchain from paintings, diamonds and company stocks to real estate. In this article, I will describe what it means to tokenize an asset on Blockchain and how it applies to physical assets. This article is a part of Explained in Plain English series. In the previous article, I explained Ethereum gas in plain English.

Seven Factors that Will Determine Success of Your ICO

There is a popular belief out there that you just need an idea and a coin to get rich these days. Unfortunately, things are not that simple. While we have seen dozens of successful ICOs, many have failed miserably. Even those ICOs that managed to fool their investors and ran away with the monies ended badly. So what does it take to do a successful ICO? 1. Idea Blockchain is overused these days.