Is It Possible to Practice Scrum with Outsourced QA?

Depending on the way you do business you may have your software development and QA outsourced. So how do you get the two together? While this presents a challenge it is definitely doable to have your products quality checked by an outsourced QA team. The trick to doing this is to not allow anything to interfere with your scrum schedule. Test and QA Testing is an essential piece to software development and doesn’t have to be done separately.

Agile Scrum Methodologies for Software Development Projects

There are many scrum methodologies under a giant agile umbrella. These methodologies all share the same philosophy and practices. In this post we explore some of the more popular agile software development methodologies. Each of these is unique and helpful to software development projects of all shapes and sizes. Lean Software Development Lean software development is a flavor of agile that takes practices from the Lean Enterprise movement. This methodology is used by large corporations such as Toyota.