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How to Successfully Outsource Software Development?

While lower prices and longer support hours may sound tempting you should consider all the pros and cons to outsourcing your software development. Before outsourcing, you should make several decisions based on your company’s organizational structure. Do you have the resources to do in-house software development? Can you afford to outsource this to another company and are you set up to bring an outsourced or contracted team to perform this in your building?

Six Reasons Software Development Projects Fail

Six Reasons Software Development Projects Fail With technology changing the face of business the need for streamlined software projects continues to grow. However, as projects become more complex it can be hard to find the main reasons why projects fail. By studying reports on failed IT project patterns it is easy to find common reasons for failure. Budget Shortfalls Failing to forecast a proper budget for software development commonly causes projects to fail.

Is It Possible to Practice Scrum with Outsourced QA?

Depending on the way you do business you may have your software development and QA outsourced. So how do you get the two together? While this presents a challenge it is definitely doable to have your products quality checked by an outsourced QA team. The trick to doing this is to not allow anything to interfere with your scrum schedule. Test and QA Testing is an essential piece to software development and doesn’t have to be done separately.

How Can You Manage a Geographically Dispersed Team? - Part 2

In part 1 I explored how selecting the right employees was one of the key factors in managing a geographically dispersed team. In this part I will dig a little further into what it takes to successfully manage teams that need to work together even though they may be across the country or across the globe through communications. Establish Communications One of the most critical elements to team dynamics is communication.

How Can You Manage a Geographically Dispersed Team? - Part 1

Before the days of web conferencing, video chats, instant messages, and overall unified communications presence it was difficult to manage people who weren’t present in your location. Now, people can be present without really being present. Whether your employee teams are in the same building, city, or even country you can host video conferences where you can share your screen for all to see and even allow others to provide feedback with the click of a mouse.

6 Ways You Can Improve Your Software Development Projects

How do you ensure effectiveness and efficiency in complex software development projects? If you can’t answer this question easily in just a few minutes you’ll want to read the methods explained below on how you can improve your software development projects. Whether you outsource or develop in-house makes a huge difference in the outcome of your projects. Lay Out a Schedule Often software development projects fail because they don’t have an adequate timeline.