Software Development

I provide remote professional software development services to businesses worldwide. I am a full-stack developer and I can work both on back-end and front-end. Please click here to see my expertise.

Smart Contract Development and Audit

I provide smart contract development and audit services through my company SigloTech S.L., which specializes in Blockchain, cryptocurrency and smart contracts. For more details, please click here.

System Administration and Cybersecurity

I provide penetration testing and security audit services. Whether you need to harden your system or test it for vulnerabilities, you can use my services.

IT Consulting

Whether you need to write software specification, plan your software or source a development team, I can help. I can provide consulting services at any stage of your project.

Integration Services

I can help you with integration work whether you are an API consumer or an API provider. I have worked with dozens of APIs.

Email Deliverability

I have extensive experience with email deliverability. I can help you analyze and improve your email deliverability to achieve maximum inbox rate.


I provide a ready-to-use NLP API. For more details, please click here.