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Self-taught, polyglot, versatile remote software engineer providing professional software development services to businesses worldwide. I can solve tough software development problems for your business in no time.

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George S.

Polyglot Remote Software Engineer



My name is George. I’m a professional polyglot software engineer with over 20 year programming experience.

I fluently code in Go, C#, Solidity, Swift, Javascript, Dart, PHP, Rust, C/C++ and Python. A full list detailing my expertise can be found here .

I provide businesses around the globe with remote software development and IT consulting services. As a full-stack developer, I can work both on back-end and front-end. I can work on server, desktop and mobile applications. A full list of my services can be found here .

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I have worked on dozens of projects throughout my career. These are some of the latest projects that I’ve been working on.


Blockchain powered tool that puts a platform at the service of the community to debate, comment and vote on different subjects of …


City-wide smart elevator system using cutting-edge electronics hardware and software.


Innovative mobile application for appointment management connecting consumers and service providers across diverse industries.


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